Born in 1990 in Beirut Lebanon, Abbas Harajli is a renowned Lebanese fashion designer. Since he was a young boy, Abbas Harajli has been fascinated by fashion. His passion for drawing, art, colors, textures and fabrics drew him, while still a university student, to launch his own fashion label and opened his own boutique in 2012: Sur Misura. At the age of 20 he was already breaking boundaries and embracing the untraditional by creating his own rules for a new world of luxury. His fashion vision revolves around self-expression, defining an era of style and design, and inspiring others. His universe is characterized by transparency, elegance and simplicity to reveal women in all their true femininity.

Through Sur Misura, Abbas Harajli brings unique style to pret-a-porte luxury fashion. From the simple to the regal, each creation showcases Abbas Harajli’s understanding of a women’s desire to highlight her femininity and confidence via fashion. Everything is made to perfection since he believes, “a woman should never have to fit a dress, the dress should be able to fit the woman.”

The very first collection “Sur Misura Abbas Harajli” in 2012 was an immediate success, captivating the hearts of many. Today Harajli’s design talent has attracted a loyal clientele base, including many Arab dignitaries and celebrities.